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September 9, 2010

Do people want to read biographical details? No, it can always be covered in the profile bit! Most folk seem to want to see “Today’s thought/experience” and so, if I want to set the stage for what I may chose to type, I shall have to start with today, 7th day; 9Mo: 2010, as my ma would have written it.  Even writing that says something: clearly there is some Quaker floating about here.  And, it turns out, while I was researching a little family history, my mother’s family (or at least her grandfather) was disowned by the Quakers for “marrying out”.

Funny how things go round, as I had, independently of this fact, become a Quaker (or more corectly, a Friend) some 3 years prior to the surfacing of this tidbit of family shame .  Quakers are a little more tolerant nowadays or they wouldn’t have let me through the door!  Why had I become a Friend? That might be relevant to a blog, Ian. 

Well, I have always been interested in religions, philosophy and spiritual things, veering from frank atheism, via Hinduism (thanks to the Beatles) to High Church Anglicanism, but it was listening and observing Friends in action that made me curious. It was eventually my time working with young offenders that brought me into contact with Quakers and the Criminal Justice System, Quakers in the Personal Social Services and this kicked me up my inquiring bum. I found them great folk, just as bad as anybody else, but, when good, they did it in a very unique way that captured me. 

Thus, in this blog you will find references to issues of belief and thoughts about the function (good and bad) of religion and philosophy in the world. Strange, really, when I started out as a schoolboy with a bent for science, a technologist (in the now nearly defunct Paper Industry) and a Safety Engineer – in other words, a path of applying rational measures and hypotheses to  experience.

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  1. September 10, 2010 1:25 pm

    Some things draw us back and back regardless of our choices in life.

  2. September 11, 2010 12:41 am

    Hi Ian,

    I am happy to see your posts:) You’ve found a regular reader of your posts as I too am interested in a reasoned analysis of beliefs more than I am in the beliefs themselves. I read up on the Quakers ( and I’ll read up some more. I trained to be an engineer and then worked as an engineer for a while, so it would be interesting to note what scientific inquiry turns up when it is applied to religion and philosophy.

    Warm Regards,

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